CASE STUDY – Bedroom Revamp

Beyond helping clients in Gloucester with small property maintenance jobs, one of the ways Ian and his property maintenance team can really make a difference is on larger scale projects.

Pepperell’s Property Maintenance recently started work on an extensive bedroom revamp in Gloucester. By extensive we mean taking the bedroom back to basics and starting again.

The very first task Ian and his team had to tackle was removing all of the old wallpaper which looked very outdated. Replacing this with something more modern would certainly make a big difference to the look and overall feel of the room.

This proved to be a larger job than first thought with the walls proving to be a complete mess and plaster falling away all across the room.

After the Pepperell’s Property Maintenance team got to grips with the walls the next job was to change the position of the electric cable. When Ian first arrived the cable ran down the centre of the room. It was decided that the best course of action was to move it to one of the corners – making it more discreet.

The Gloucester-based client also wanted to have a television in the bedroom so Pepperell’s Property Maintenance were required to bring the aerial cable through the ceiling, ready for when the client wanted to add their new TV.

The entire property maintenance job required lots of filler to sort out the holes and extensive sanding throughout.

A number of progress photos that were taken during the job have been included below:

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